Fire Extinguisher Testing

Protect your people, property and reputation. Arrange BS5306-3 and BS5306-8 compliant fire extinguisher servicing now. If you only find out that there’s a fault with your fire extinguisher when you really need it, it’s too late. That’s why DD Fire Alarms offers two levels of expert fire extinguisher testing, so that your extinguishers stay ready and able to protect.

Essential annual service

An annual service to ensure that, when you need your fire extinguishers, they will perform. We will check:

  • The weight of each extinguisher, to ensure they have lost no more than 10% of the firefighting materials contained within
  • Gauge needles (where fitted), checking they are able to move freely and give an accurate pressure reading
  • Signs of external damage or corrosion
  • Seals and O-rings, for signs of integrity loss and leakage under pressure
  • Moving parts, to make sure they still move freely

Extended servicing and service replacement packages also available

Protect your people, property and reputation. Arrange your fire extinguisher service now by calling 0845 672 9399 or mailing us at

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